Black Friday!

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Black Friday!

I hope all of you Americans out there enjoyed your Thanksgiving… and didn’t get trampled during Black Friday shopping.  I went into Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, thinking it was relatively safe, but there were more people in there than I’d ever seen before.  And their sales weren’t even that great…  Anyway, enough rambling, on to the music video!  This week, we have Here’s Where the Story Ends by Michelle.

Why is this video awesome?

This is another one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes videos.  It’s very obvious with this one that the author spent a lot of time making sure that her scene choices matched the lyrics AND the pacing of the song.  This is refreshing to see in a music video with live action footage.  I also love the references to Reichenbach during the repetitions of the “Here’s where the story ends” lyric.

What could have been done better?

The only real down side to this video is that it really requires some familiarity with the Granada series, although anyone who’d read the stories could probably figure out which scene represents what.  The non-Holmes-fan would be missing a lot here.  However, I’ve gotta say, that like the Silent Hill video I posted earlier, WATCH THE GRANADA SERIES.  It’s on Netflix, although you can also find full episodes on Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed the music video!

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