Last of the Horror Videos

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Last of the Horror Videos

“Late again.  Bud, can’t you tell time?”

Well, I might not be able to keep track of the time, but I bring you the last of this month’s horror music videos, anyway!  This week’s video is Silence by Evil Spider (Russian language.  I have not checked the links on this site, so peruse at your own risk).

Why is this video awesome?

Silent Hill is my favorite video game series (that doesn’t involve jumping on people’s heads or giving A to B in order to get C to give to D, anyway), but there is a surprising dearth of good music videos for it.  This is definitely the best.  The editing is well done and follows the music.  This Marilyn Manson song from Resident Evil lends itself very well to Silent Hill.  And I love the part in the middle, when the song cuts out and is replaced by sound effects from the Silent Hill games.

What could have been done better?

The scene choices are all very creepy, but even the shortest scenes were obviously chosen for their symbolic meanings in the games’ plotlines.  While fans of the games will appreciate the invoked emotions of these scenes, to someone who is unfamiliar with the games, while it is vaguely creepy (and some of the imagery is downright disturbing, even without knowing the story), most of this will make absolutely no sense.   Normally, I’d say an approach closer to storytelling would be preferable, but I’m such a devotee to the games, instead I’m gonna say that if you’re unfamiliar with this one, search “Let’s Play Silent Hill” on Youtube.

I hope you enjoyed the music video!  Download it.

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