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Because the Asians know scary…

   Posted by: Ami noMiko   in Movies, Music Video

Because the Asians know scary...

Welcome to Friday!  I’m actually sending this to you from the past, because I will be busy at Yaoi-Con on Friday… and the hotel doesn’t have free Wi-Fi.  Boo!  But I’ve got a great music video for you this week, so hopefully you’ll forgive the internet time traveling.  This week’s video is Asian Scary Movies MV (how’s that for naming originality?) by Mai.

Why is this video awesome?

Asian horror movies scare the crap out of me…  After watching Ju-On, I slept with the light on for a whole week.  But although they do have a music video-creating audience, the MVs don’t tend to be very well edited, on the whole.  This video is the exception.  The scenes follow the flow of the music and the “dirty” effect over the whole thing works well.  And the song, along with the scenes, is creepy as hell.

What could have been done better?

This could be a minus, but this music video doesn’t use scenes from either Ringu or Ju-On, probably the most well-known Japanese horror movies.  However, although they are possibly the scariest movies I’ve ever seen, they also tend to be far overused.  And you can only see the bit where she climbs out of that well so many times before you get bored with it.

I hope you enjoyed the music video!

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