Feel Like a Monster

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Feel Like a Monster

Welcome to Friday!  This week’s music video features one of my favorite horror animes: Hellsing.  So for your viewing pleasure, here is Monsters of Hellsing by Steel.


Why is this video awesome?

In my search for horror music videos this month, I’ve come across this song A LOT.  However, this is the first video that not only followed the beat and energy of the song, but also picked scenes that matched the lyrics.  There’s a lot of really neat editing for some of these scenes, as well.  The scene at 2:13 particularly impressed me.

What could have been done better?

While the editing kept up with the pace of the song, after a while it starts to feel a little too manic.  And the flashes of white matching the beat are a bit seizure-inducing.  For my preference, the video could have done without the white flashes.

Hope you enjoyed the music video!

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