Sweet dreams…

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Sweet dreams...

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, kiddies!  No, I’m not talking about Friday (although that IS pretty wonderful).  Tomorrow is October, which is my favorite month because it houses my favorite holiday – Halloween!  So, to celebrate, I’m going to feature horror music videos all month.  And I’m taking notes from Christmas, because I’m starting early!

This week’s video is Yuuki’s Horror Lullaby by Maya.


Why is this video awesome?

Song choice and the special effects of this video work wonderfully together to make it creepy as hell, morphing suddenly into straight horror when the speed of the song picks up.  A great example of how the song and the special effects truly enhance the video is at 0:32.  From the source material, this would have been a relatively boring scene – just a girl sitting there.  But the added “old movie” effects with the slow lullaby done in a minor key turn the boring image into a fantastic one.  And the shakiness of the camera throughout throws the viewer off-balance, heightening both the creepy and the straight horror parts of the video.

What could have been done better?

There’s more than half a minute of dead space after the song has ended.  Maya has commented that she’s too lazy to edit it out, which is a HUGE downside, in my opinion.  It’s your amv, you should want to present your best.  If the video itself hadn’t been so wonderful, that alone would have eliminated it from being featured here.  But, it was, so here it is.

I hope you enjoyed the music video!

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