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Welcome to fall, my friends!  And I already miss summer.

So, to keep you warm on the first Autumn Friday, this week’s video is “Fever” by Talitha78.

Why is this video awesome?

If you think finding good anime music videos is hard, you should try looking in smaller fandoms.  It’s not too surprising that the best videos feature the most mainstream popular incarnation – the 2009 Robert Downey Jr. version.  This video is cut fast enough to fit with the dance beat of the song and the author chose  interesting scenes that don’t necessarily require a knowledge of the source material (this is the major downfall of most Sherlock Holmes music videos, whatever the version).  A viewer not familiar with the movie would still catch the chemistry between Holmes and Watson that is highlighted here.

What could have been done better?

That being said, it was still pretty obvious that a lot of the scenes were chosen randomly to fill a time slot, rather than because they had any connection to the music.  The pillow scene at 1:39 is an illustration of this.  This scene is a fangirl-favorite, so it shows up all sorts of place with no reason or warning.  I would have liked a little more coherence to the scenes chosen between those illustrating the H/W relationship.

I hope you enjoyed the music video!

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