Not Friday, but close enough for government work…

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Not Friday, but close enough for government work...

“But wait,” you say, “didn’t you miss last Friday, too?”  Possibly you said that…  Or, more probably, nobody noticed but me.  But yes, I did, all on account of Snafu Con.  As a note to myself, if you ever find yourself thinking that a con hotel has WIFI, so you can update your blog during the con, DON’T BELIEVE IT.  You will be far too busy having fun.

Anyways, I lack any good excuse for missing Friday this week.  I was simply sleeping.  😛

So, inspired by my post-con depression, today’s music video is Live by Animated.

Why is this video awesome?

Drama music videos are probably my least favorite genre, mostly because they’re probably the hardest to pull off well.  Either they’re cut without enough story telling, so that they require a knowledge of the characters in order to understand the conflict, or the scenes are so slow that they get boring.  This video suffers from neither of those problems.  The scenes chosen evince just the right amount of emotion in small, quickly placed clips that never the less tell just enough of a story in order for the viewer to get the image without necessarily having seen the origin series.  I also love that after all the pathos, the video ends on just a touch of a positive note.

What could have been done better?

I don’t have any real criticism for this video, except that I was intrigued by the scene at 4:01, but it flashed by too quickly to really get a feel for it.  I would have liked for that scene to be just a touch longer.

I hope you enjoyed the music video!  Download it at AnimeMusicVideos.Org (membership required).

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