Fix You

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Fix You

Thank goodness it’s time for another music video!  This week I’m going to take it down a notch with a romance video of one of my favorite on-screen couples with TheBreakdownProcess’s video, “Fix You”.


Why is this video awesome?

A more perfect song for Wall-E and Eve doesn’t exist and this video uses wonderful scenes to illustrate this.  My favorite scene-choice is every instance of “Lights will guide you home”, especially the last with the clip of Hello Dolly! on Wall-E’s screen.  The song and the video highlight the dual hopelessness of both Wall-E and then Eve, reconciling their love at the end.

What could have been done better?

The first “Lights will guide you home” section is too long.  Adding Wall-E trying to escape from the landing spaceship at 1:20 takes away from the overall melancholy feeling of the video.  And I would have liked some kind of cutting after Wall-E’s rejection of Eve at 3:54 to create a dramatic pause, since that’s such a pivotal moment.  Especially since the rest of the sequence was cut so well.

Hope you enjoyed the music video!

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