God’s Away on Business

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God's Away on Business

This week’s video was brought to my attention by Nuriko.  It is “Tom Waits/Cookie Monster Mashup – God’s Away on Business” by Cookiewaits.  The name is somewhat misleading, as it’s just a music video, not actually a mashup.  But anyways…

Why is this video awesome?

I have no idea why no one thought of doing a Cookie Monster video to Tom Waits before now, because the guy really sounds like Cookie Monster.  Plus, look at the editing on this thing!  The lipsynching is absolutely perfect.  Now, Muppets aren’t the hardest thing to lipsynch; they’re like anime characters.  Either the mouth is open or it’s closed.  You don’t have to do pro-level fine editing in order to get their mouths to match the words.  But even so, this lipsynching couldn’t get more perfect if it was actually Frank Oz singing.

What could have been done better?

It’s pretty obvious that the scenes were chosen for Cookie Monster’s mouth movements, rather than to illustrate the lyrics of the song.  But that’s okay, because you can’t understand a damn word that Tom Waits is saying.  For song choice, I think I would have gone with “Chocolate Jesus”, instead.  The food motif would have worked better with Cookie Monster.

I hope you enjoyed the music video!

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