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He’ll Find You…

   Posted by: Ami noMiko   in Movies, Music Video

He'll Find You...

Nuriko and I are in Sacramento today and tomorrow for the body cast showings of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Repo! The Genetic Opera.  We’re definitely not Rocky virgins, but this is our first time seeing a live cast in a theater (our local showings have always been either in the park or in event centers) AND our first time seeing the full body cast for Repo!  And I’m so super excited that I can’t get enough Repo!  So, this week’s video is Spooky by mrRUTTO1.

Follow the link for blood and gore!

Why is this video awesome?

Love the song choice here.  The editing is simple in most places of this video, but highly effective along with the pace of the music.  The scene choices, while seemingly not chosen to match with specific lyrics (for the most part), overall work together very well to convey the overall theme of the song.  After seeing Repo the first couple of times, you’re so used to it that you don’t even really recognize the general weirdness of the movie anymore.  This music video showcases that spooky weirdness incredibly well.

What could have been done better?

Except for the beginning comic segment, the scenes chosen for this music video don’t really show a plotline, so viewers unfamiliar with Repo may be a little lost, here.  However, as I say above, the video’s spookiness is visually striking enough to keep the interest of even the uninitiated.

I hope you enjoyed the video!

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