A week late and a dollar short…

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A week late and a dollar short...

Well, Fanime ate last week’s music video!  So, here is the video I intended to showcase last week and the last of the crossover music videos.  And this one is a freakin’ classic –  Tainted Donuts by E-ko!

Why is this video awesome?

Tainted Donuts premiered at AnimeExpo 2001, my second con ever.  Yes, read that sentence again.  2001.  This video is over a decade old, made during a time when amv makers had either two VCRs or a lot of very expensive equipment.  And yet, it still stands up well to the music videos made today.  Almost every scene has been either spliced between the two source materials (Cowboy Beebop and Trigun) or has had donuts added.  The subtitles in the beginning are a great touch!  Almost everything about this video makes the viewer think that it came from just one source.  And the pacing of the editing works wonderfully with the music in both the slower and action scenes.  Plus, the very last scene…  Unf!

What could have been done better?

I’m sure if this had been made today, some of the scene splicing could have been cleaned up a tiny bit, although the only scene that really needs it is the one at 1:37.  And perhaps the lipsyncing could have been tighter.  But really, this video is freaking amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s music video!  Download it at AnimeMusicVideos.org (Members only).

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