What do you want from me?

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What do you want from me?

Well, Fanime is just around the corner and I’m sewing my little fingers off, so let’s get right into Music Video Friday, shall we?  This week’s video is “Mocha Chino & Omar – What Do You Want From Me” by Shade.

Why is this video awesome?

This crossover doesn’t rely on the painstaking editing to make two characters from different animations show up in the same frames (for most of it, there is some of this technique used), but the editing is still fantastic.  The source movies are two totally different styles and a couple of decades apart (so Rock And Rule doesn’t look nearly as polished as either of the Goofy Movies), but Shade made them fit together with clever filtering of the backgrounds.

What could have been done better?

There is only one brief scene that spoils the illusion that these characters all came from the same source material.  At 1:15 Mocha blurs in places.  It’s probably to remove something that didn’t “fit” with the scene, but the blurring is pretty obvious.  Maybe other footage of Mocha would have worked better in that spot if it could be done cleanly.

Hope you enjoyed the video!  I’m going back to sewing!

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