Can you read my mind?

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Can you read my mind?





No, not Monty Python’s Flying Circus.  It’s Friday, so it’s time for my first music video post!  To start off, I’m going to recommend one of my favorites in the Sherlock Holmes fandom:  Read My Mind by Di.

Why is this video awesome?

This is a very well-cut music video.  Although the scenes are mostly random shots of the funnier moments of the Granada series, they’re timed so well to the music that they don’t seem random at all.  And the scenes that were obviously chosen to match the lyrics (for example, the green light at 0:52)are references that would be very difficult to synch with Victorian source material, but matched they are.

Plus, it’s the Granada series.  People who only know the Robert Downey Jr. movie or the new BBC Sherlock would do very well to look this series up.   Jeremy Brett is the best video Sherlock Holmes, even later in the series when the medications for his bipolar disorder caused him to lose his Holmesian gauntness.  And he is backed by not one, but TWO fantastic Watsons.

What could have been done better?

It doesn’t happen often, but in this case, supremely well-done video cutting saved a less-than-optimal song choice.  I happen to love “Read My Mind”, but nothing about it really says “Holmes” to me.  I have no idea what caused the vid author to even think of it.  But she did AND she pulled it off, which turns this particular minus into a really big PLUS.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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