Rock Off Challenge!

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Rock Off Challenge!

This week’s video is one of my favorites!  But it’s definitely NSFW or young, impressionable minds, so I’ve placed it behind the cut.  If you don’t mind some language and imagery (and are not at work), click the link below and follow me to awesomeness…

Still with me?  Good!  This week’s video is K-ON vs. DMC by S-Studio.


Why is this video awesome?

I will admit that I’m not familiar with K-ON, but this song is absolutely perfect for DMC.  The editing is wonderful and the scene choices emphasize the hilarity of the situation of a “rock-off” between a hard-core demon and a high-school girl band.  Being familiar with DMC just makes it funnier.  And I love the K-ON girls singing “Fuckingham Palace” at the end.  I can’t watch this video without laughing.

What could have been done better?

Not much!  I’m not sure what’s going on in that beginning segment, only that it’s obviously emulating those TV commercials selling ringtones.  It doesn’t seem to be advertising the creator’s studio, so I don’t know why it’s there, to be honest.

Hope you enjoyed the music video!  You can download it here (membership with animemusicvideos.org required).

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